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 My Top 10 Games of 2013~Number 9

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PostSubject: My Top 10 Games of 2013~Number 9   Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:34 pm

9. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The Gameplay 
(Intense)Combat: The combat in this game is very simple and beginner friendly. The major part to succeed in combat depends on where you decide to put your crew members, which was fun. This game also has  excellent replayability.  

The Crew
Customization: I would always spend time customizing my crew and giving them better gear or just looking stylish.
Naming: Once I was able to make a decent crew I started giving out names that made me get attached to some of my crew members. Once the character dies he or she won't be returning (unless if you make someone with the exact name). It was always a shame that they would die. A memorial, though, is always available to see those whom died to save Earth.
Classes: It is very important--having all medics or any other class will kill all your crew in an instant--and I appreciate that XCOM Enemy Unknown makes each class important in some way.

I love a challenge in games and XCOM: Enemy Uknown does a perfect job at it--towards the  beginning, middle, or end (depending the difficulty you are playing).

The satisfaction of shooting aliens down is so much fun!

Reasons why it isn't number 1-8:
~Higher difficulties are nearly impossible.  
~I heard that in the past XCOMs you control more than, just, one base. <--Needed!
~Decent Story. Not very creative in my opinion.
~Meh camera when in the battlefield
~Recycled maps
~Repetitive missions
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PostSubject: Re: My Top 10 Games of 2013~Number 9   Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:31 am

Got this for free with PS Plus once upon a time, and I've barely gotten to touch it due to my freaking game backlog that I never shut up about, lol.
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PostSubject: Re: My Top 10 Games of 2013~Number 9   Mon Dec 23, 2013 2:45 am

Play it as soon as you finish the game you are currently playing!
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PostSubject: Re: My Top 10 Games of 2013~Number 9   

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My Top 10 Games of 2013~Number 9
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