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 2014: Year of Games!

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SMITHY (G.L. 06)


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PostSubject: 2014: Year of Games!   Tue Dec 24, 2013 8:37 pm

With 2013 coming to an end us Ghost Legion members look forward to what looks like the best year of gaming EVER...we got great shooters such as Halo 5, Star Wars Battlefront maybe, BF4 DLC's, Titanfall and Watch Dogs. MMO's such as DESTINY!, The Division, The Crew, Elder Scrolls Online, Dying Light and many more!

I may have said 2013 would be year of GL but to be honest I was wrong only about 3-4 members have only being lucky to get a XO or PS4 and the other members are still on 360 but hopefully all of GL will be on a next-gen console in 2014 I mean come on we should be by next year the games next year are basically Next-Gen like Destiny even though that's for old-gen its being told by many people even BUNGIE have said buying Destiny on 360/PS3 is a bad idea!

But anyway yea 2014 will be the year for gamers and mostly for GL mostly because our big main games Destiny, Halo 5, Division  Elder Scrolls are coming out and their the games all of GL loves! If you don't love Destiny I am gonna kick your ass British Style with Tea and Biscuits XD nah just kidding

So anyway I hope all of you have a good Christmas and a New Year. I will be announcing the GL Awards 2013 on Boxing Day but if not enough votes are counted I will ask someone I know to do It for me and guys If something you don't like wins an award don't go all Rage Mode Razz

Merry Christmas Ghost Legion now excuse me I must get DRUNK AND FIND THE BREAD!!! XD

- Smithy GL06 (CQC Expert)
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2014: Year of Games!
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