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 My top 10 games of 2013~Number 6

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PostSubject: My top 10 games of 2013~Number 6   Fri Dec 27, 2013 2:16 pm

6. Borderlands 2

One of the best Co-op shooters I have played this year.

Characters: Borderlands 2 has some of the most funniest characters I have seen this year, which actually makes me want to care about them. My most favorite characters are probably Tina and, of course, Claptrap.

Story: Interesting, fun, and funny! <3!

Skills: Each character has different skills/upgrades <3.

Guns: There are so many guns that are available in this game. I just love using new ones I loot.

Looting: Money and Iridium is shared, in co-op, when looting them.

Enemies=Unique(Especially those other hidden video game characters roaming in this game).

Hats/Colors of skin: Cool, funny, derpy, or cute hats <3. Very colorful and some unique designs.

Easter Eggs: Lots of them Smile!

Currently I am playing the DLC of Borderlands 2, and may I say, its great DLC. Hammerlock though is questionable...(So far only played Pirates and Hammerlock).

Reasons why it isn't 1-5:
~Optional bosses are very strong and feels nearly impossible to beat (especially in True Vault hunter mode, or whatever its called)
~Gets repetitive/boring if story doesn't kick in.
~Some skills in the skill tree are pointless.
~Playing alone is not that fun.
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My top 10 games of 2013~Number 6
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