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 GL Number and Ranking System

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SMITHY (G.L. 06)


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PostSubject: GL Number and Ranking System    Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:42 am

Hey GL Smithy here with which has being annoying me as of late and maybe some other members. As we know were recruiting more members now due to Manrod and myself have moved onto the New-Gen of Gaming we need to keep an eye on the Number Ranking System in the clan. As far as I know I only know these following members and their numbers.

GL01: Grave
GL02: Dread
GL03: Kung Lao
GL04: Manrod
GL05: Arbiter
GL06: Smithy (me)
GL07: Light Hunter
GL12: Spinal
GL??: Snipe Dog
GL??: Rizin

I know we have some members from PS3/PS4 (Btw welcome to GL PlayStation members) and that means more numbers and ranks. So guys (mostly to Grave Razz ) we need to sort out this number Ranking system this I believe Is our main problem so far in the clan and it needs to be solved ASAP!

-Smithy GL06 (CQC Expert)
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PostSubject: Re: GL Number and Ranking System    Mon Dec 30, 2013 6:29 pm

Grave and I already solved the number system. Numbers 1-49 are reserved for Xbox members of the clan, whereas 50-99 are for the PlayStation members. I'm no longer GL-04. I'm GL-50 now.
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GL Number and Ranking System
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