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 Chava's Game of the Year for 2013

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PostSubject: Chava's Game of the Year for 2013   Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:44 am

1. Persona 3 FES

The best JRPG I have played this year!

Story: The story is just so good....just play it! The story for the main game is just so dramatic, funny, and action packed. Learning about each character made me appreciate this game even more. I just really enjoyed the main game story--joining the characters in the game with their ups and downs just bloody-magnificent. As for the "DLC" of the game, it is mainly more action, but the story that it does have is basically right after the main (so do not start the "DLC" people!). It gets more in depth each character's story <3!

Characters: They are all amazing <3!

Gameplay: It is a JRPG. Like any other JRPG there is a lot of grinding of experience. Having up to four members in, when in combat, and also each member holds a persona. What I appreciate about Persona 3 FES is the combat with Personas as well as using different weaponry (each characters has their own weapon). The challenge Persona 3 FES has is basically relying on the other three party members. It can get annoying at times, but Persona 3 FES makes it forgivable by giving different options that your other party members will do. <3!

Costumes/Weapons: I like how Atlus incorporated some costumes/weapons not to look like the default costume/weapon.

Personas: All very unique <3! I love the persona making system--when I started playing I was like "Alright...this guy doesn't look too good so I will combine it with this cute one...hmmmm ok lets see what will be made." There are just so many different personas available...just so awesome!

Social: Sometimes when playing through the main game of Persona 3 FES, you will come across this: (! or ? I can't remember xD), which is above a character. A social event will occur. Most of them are all different in some way, which didn't cause me to get bored of the social aspect of the game. Either way--its kinda helpful to do social events since it will buff the main characters performance tremendously. <3!

Music: Atlus you just know what music fits in each game.

Replayability: Yes, JRPG fans will definitely play the game at least once more--or just play the "DLC."

The Answer("DLC"): This is a great DLC to go back to the gameplay of Persona 3 FES, and also a challenge, since its set to the hardest difficulty. I myself didn't find it too hard. It is absolutely worth playing.

This is a very long game. JRPG fans should definitely buy this game. As for others they should really consider getting it. Its available for PS2 or PS3(PS2 Classics). Just go buy this amazing game <3!
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PostSubject: Re: Chava's Game of the Year for 2013   Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:12 pm

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Chava's Game of the Year for 2013
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