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 SH List - P4

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PostSubject: SH List - P4   Sat Feb 08, 2014 1:02 am

The next game on my list is one that I used to not be a fan of. I recently purchased it on PSN, and I slowly started to love it to the point where it became my third favorite game in the series.

This is where opinions start to differ. 80% of the Silent Hill fanbase will tell you SH4 was a bad game. I was one of them until just recently. After continually trying to find redeeming qualities in this game, I've finally managed to do so. You see, what makes Silent Hill 4 such a unique experience is the fact that it is totally unlike any other entry in the series. It's odd. It's not a traditional Silent Hill story of crime and redemption, but instead a very twisted Japanese horror mystery. And this drastic change is precisely why many fans didn't like it.

Henry Townshend is a normal guy, in his (seemingly) normal apartment. But there's a problem. Henry has been locked in his apartment for 5 days, and unable to get out, or communicate with the outside world. The phone cord has been cut, and there are massive chains across his front door, which lock him out from the inside. He is completely clueless as to how this happened, when suddenly a massive whole appears in his bathroom wall. Crawling his way through, he discovers many different twisted version of reality. These different worlds could hold the secret to his apartment.

The Room has many great qualities, including a mysterious story, great gameplay, and fantastic monsters. For the first time ever in a Silent Hill game, there are now ghost enemies (which are unkillable btw), adding to more tension throughout the entire experience. In fact, much of the story revolves around spirits and ghosts. There are occasional hauntings within Henry's apartment, and it's oddly disturbing in the sense that you never feel safe within your own home.

The thing that shocks me so much about The Room is the fact that it manages to impress me so much, yet the game DOESN'T EVEN TAKE PLACE in Silent Hill. You heard me right. The entire game takes place in Henry's apartment in Ashfield (a neighboring town to Silent Hill), in addition to the many different versions of reality, packed with monsters. It's the most linear game out of the Big Four, resulting in fewer instances where you get lost.

Now as always, there are a few problems that plague this game. Most of all, it's repetition. There are only 2 save points throughout the entire game (the main one is in your apartment), causing you to exit worlds during your playthrough, and keep on entering your apartment to save. This gets old very fast, and it's my number 1 complaint with the game. Henry himself is also an incredibly uninteresting character, causing the plot to (almost) fall flat. The apartment itself is the main character here, and Henry does nothing to move the story forward. He's my least favorite Silent Hill protagonist. Beyond that, I have several regrets that the game doesn't take place in Silent Hill at all, thought it typically makes up for it by having great scenarios, and monsters.

That's it for now. Stay tuned very soon for the final two games on my list.
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SH List - P4
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