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 SH List - P5

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PostSubject: SH List - P5   Sat Feb 08, 2014 3:09 pm

We're very close to number 1, folks. We just have one last game to cover.

Before I get into ANYTHING here, allow me to say one very controversial statement: Downpour was the best game in the series since its glory days in 1999-2004. The people who hated it are the people who never played it. Ridiculously absurd poor reviews and sales caused Vatra Games to go under, shortly after Downpour's release. Congratulations fans and critics. You caused the greatest Silent Hill developer since Team Silent to go under. The reasons behind all of the poor reviews were simple. Clunky combat, and technical issues. I'll be the first one here to admit that Downpour had its fair share of technical problems, but they were never intrusive or game-breaking. For the combat however, Vatra intentionally made it clunky so that players wouldn't rely on it. And if you hate combat THAT much, the game ALWAYS gives players the option to run away. This criticism was completely uncalled for. Now that I have my long rant out of the way, let's begin with the reasons I love Downpour.

The story starts off with prison inmate Murphy Pendleton, as he is being transferred to another prison. During the trip however, they have to pass through Silent Hill, causing their bus to crash. Murphy awakes to find everybody dead, with the exception of a police officer pursuing him the entire game. He decides that the only way to escape the pursuing police, is to make it further inside the town, where his greatest fears come true.

Murphy himself is only a so-so character, I must admit. But he has enough interesting motives and backstory to keep the plot moving steadily. During the time you start the game, his crimes are unclear, causing you to find it out as you go. Downpour is the first game in the series that places heavy emphasis on the open-world layout of the town itself. Story missions can be done at your own pace, and for the first time ever, side missions have been included. The town is large enough so that you'll always be finding something interesting, but the game never holds your hand by telling you where to go. This can make the open-world of Silent Hill absolutely dreadful for new players exploring the town, so I suggest keeping a strategy guide handy.

This is also the first game since at least 2004 that was genuinely scary. There are lots of dark places to explore, and psychological horror abounds. Unfortunately, the monster design in Downpour is the weakest in the series. Creatures are totally uninspired, and the main enemies just look like normal humans with motor oil all over them. But hey, at least Pyramid Head doesn't make any appearances.

Out of all the modern Silent Hill games, Downpour easily stands above the rest. It's the best release in the series since Silent Hill 4. It's just a shame we won't be seeing anymore from this developer. The opening moments of the game are the best in the series, and depending on the ending you get, there are all sorts of plot twists. Downpour has plenty to offer, and I feel like it's the most successful game thus far to modernize the Silent Hill franchise.

Now let's focus on the final game on my list. You all know what it is...
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SH List - P5
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