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 Kaiju Movies from 2000 to present day

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PostSubject: Kaiju Movies from 2000 to present day   Sat Jun 07, 2014 8:51 pm

Ok from 2000 we have seen quite a few Kaiju movies and most of them are great or shit so I decided to get the best ones and put them in a list and be nice to see which films on the list you seen.

2000: Godzilla 2000
2004: Godzilla: Final Wars
2004: Ultraman: The Next
2005: King Kong
2006: Gamera: The Brave
2007: Dragon Wars
2008: Cloverfield
2013: Pacific Rim
2014: Godzilla 2014

Personally my favourites are all 3 Godzilla films mostly Godzilla 2014 since it was the first time I saw Godzilla on the big screen and it's my favourite movie series of all time. I liked Pacific Rim all though I got pissed off how they killed off Crimson Typhoon and Striker Eureka easily. The ones which I hated are Cloverfield and Ultraman I never being a fan of Ultraman and it annoyed me how some people say Clover is the new king of monsters when really Godzilla would kick that skinny bitches ass. xD
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Kaiju Movies from 2000 to present day
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