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 RTX2014 Recap for Halo: MCC

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PostSubject: RTX2014 Recap for Halo: MCC   Sun Jul 06, 2014 8:12 pm

Ok when I heard about the Master Chief Collection I almost lost my voiced of screaming in joy but what was announced at RTX it almost happened again because guys 343 are listening to not only our selves but people who work at 343 and Certain Affinity and making the Master Chief Collection better. First off in Halo 2 Anniversary they are adding in stuff which would have being in the original game but was scrapped. These include the Assault Rifle, The Silenced SMG and also the Gungoose a Mongoose with turrets on the front. Also Blood Gulch is the 2nd map to be announced to be remastered which is awesome.

The terminals will focus on the Aribters story is well but the one thing we wanna know is customisation how is this going to work well watching the Conference I noticed the following menus: Customisation and Service Record. Now I'm going to take a guess and when you click the Customisation menu it will pop up with each game and how you customise them and this is how it worked in each game.

Halo CE: Colours
Halo 2: Colours, Emblems and option to play as Elites
Halo 3: Colours, Armor, Elites and Emblems
Halo 4:Armor, Emblems and Colours

These I believe will still be in the game but what I'm wondering is will the flame helmets be included and the Champions Bundle from Halo 4. Guess will have to wait for Gamescon and Comic-con for that
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RTX2014 Recap for Halo: MCC
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