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 2014 GL Awards

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SMITHY (G.L. 06)


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PostSubject: 2014 GL Awards   Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:29 pm

Its that time of year again its the GL Awards for 2014 Very Happy

Now this year will involve once again Member of the year, Game of the year and rookie of the year along with new awards so when you cast your vote say why you voted for them or it and you can't vote for yourself. Also vote for each category.

Member Of The Year
Grave GL01 (ObsidionshadowX)
Smithy GL06 (I SM1THY II)
Vinny GL09 (Snipedog23)
Percival GL07 (Percival Knight)

Game Of The Year
Assassins Creed Unity
Airmech Arena
Halo: MCC

Rookie Of The Year

Shock Of The Year
Eternal Returning to GL and becoming the new GL04
Spinal Leaving GL
Halo ODST coming to Xbox One

Worst Game Of The Year
Dark Souls 2
Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Voting will end on December 28th so start voting! Very Happy
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SMITHY (G.L. 06)


Posts : 250
Points : 418
Join date : 2013-07-08
Age : 22
Location : On a battlefield

PostSubject: Re: 2014 GL Awards   Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:31 pm

My votes:

Member Of The Year: Grave due to his not let this clan die and kept it strong all year

Game Of The Year: Destiny because it's fun, addicting and it's a good game for clans

Rookie Of The Year: Jeff because he is making a GL Machinima soon and his a really good clan member

Shock Of The Year: Spinal leaving GL due to he was a good close friend of mine and my partner in crime on Halo Reach

Worst Game Of The Year: Dark Souls 2 due to I find it boring and it's just frustrating. Plus it's a Death Simulator

Theirs my votes Razz
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PostSubject: Re: 2014 GL Awards   Tue Dec 23, 2014 5:31 pm

Member of the Year:
I'm gonna have to vote for smithy on this one, when this clan was close to death, all his efforts kept it breathing long enough for grave to save it.
Game of the Year:
Of course I'm gonna have to go with the creed because I'm a straight up fan girl for the series.
Rookie of the Year:
I'm gonna have to go with Jeff for his valiant efforts in reach and his unexpected behavior.
Shock of the Year:
Definitely Halo ODST coming to Xbone, I personally hated ODST and did not expect it to make a comeback on Xbone.
Worst Game of the Year:
To me it's by far titanfall, the game is lacking in so many areas and is an enormous disappointment, I don't want to start a rant and go into detail, but trust me when I say it sucks.
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Grave (G.L. 01)


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PostSubject: Re: 2014 GL Awards   Wed Dec 24, 2014 1:14 am

My votes:

Member Of The Year: Going to have to say Smithy, he is an important part of the community and helped me keep the clan alive through these difficult times.

Game Of The Year: Destiny, it is both the best and worst game of the year and even with it's faults, it is still fun to play.

Rookie Of The Year: Jeff, he's been with us for a while now and has shown strong resolve for the clan. He's also a good friend and plans on helping us venture to new horizion's as a clan.

Shock Of The Year: Even though Spinal's leaving did come as quite the shock, I expected it to happen. No, the real surprise was Eternal's return, he might not get on all the time but tries his best and shows great respect for the clan.

Worst Game Of The Year: Dark Souls 2 might be a death sim, but, I'm going to have to say CoD.. from my understanding even the Exo suits don't change it up enough to be a true innovation.

That's what my votes are, also, I have been working on both a new clan base and Apocalypse map for Halo 2 anniversary and I can assure you that they will both be pretty cool.
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PostSubject: Re: 2014 GL Awards   

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2014 GL Awards
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