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 What to do now?

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PostSubject: What to do now?   Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:10 am

Though I doubt anyone will actually be online to see this update, I better put it out anyway. So, as all of you know, we've been inactive for quite some time.. now we can blame that on console transition if we really want to, but what's really to blame here is the lack of communication and the lack of motive to continue moving onward as a clan despite those changes. Now, I don't expect anyone to get back on and read this, so I'm thinking of just shutting down the site and the clan.. I mean, nobody seems to be bothering anyway.. other than Arbiterjak that is. I'll check back for updates within the month, if I see no change, well.. then I suppose the inactivity will have made the decision for me.
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What to do now?
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