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 Roleplay Idea for Halo Reach

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PostSubject: Roleplay Idea for Halo Reach    Sat Jan 25, 2014 6:19 pm

Hey guys me back on the website after sulking that a girl who I've liked for over a year doesn't like me back at all but oh well plenty more fish in the sea :p

Anyway I am here to discuss a Role-Play idea I came up with few days back. Its a little straight forward but after a bit it gets interesting so I hope you enjoy reading the idea and story Smile

The year is 2540 Humanity is still at war with the alien alliance known as The Covenant many planets have being glassed and millions of lives lost. A group of SPARTAN III's are defending what is left of the planet Camelot from being glassed from an entire fleet of Covenant Forces. Commander Grave and his two squad members Reaper and Loki are the last men standing on a research facility in the canyon not far from New Hope Town. Surrounded, low on ammo and out gunned the SPARTANS luckily escape with a Falcon and fly to a nearby UNSC Outpost and meet an ODST Sergeant by the name of Phantom. Phantom tells Grave and the other two SPARTANS that another group of SPARTANS are defending New Hope City.

Eclipse Squad along with Phantom fly to New Hope City to meet up and assist the other SPARTAN III's. When they arrive they notice two SPARTAN III's. After successfully helping the three SPARTANS, Eclipse find out who they are. Their known as Josh SPARTAN 26 and Spinal SPARTAN 29. They are all that is left of Nightmare Squad. They all return to the UNSC Outpost and tell each one and another the problems around the area involving Covenant.

That's all I have for the moment if you would like to see this RP happen and want me to continue this idea/story leave a comment below Smile

-Smithy GL06 (CQC Expert)
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Roleplay Idea for Halo Reach
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