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 Best to Worst Part 2

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PostSubject: Best to Worst Part 2   Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:07 pm

I feel like I'm far too harsh on Homecoming, therefore it deserves to be placed a little higher on this list. It was a quite decent game. But it wasn't a good Silent Hill game. The game strays too far from the foundations that make this series great. For instance, instead of making you feel vulnerable and alone, the game arms you to the teeth instead, taking away 90% of the scares. The entire plot and characters were also unfortunately forgettable. Many enemies from Silent Hill 2 appear in this game, which makes no sense whatsoever, considering Silent Hill adapts to each character's subconscious. Sorry, but Pyramid Head has no place in this game. He should've been EXCLUSIVE to Silent Hill 2.

Let's move onto the things I do like about the game. Surprisingly, there are several things it does right. Monster design is great in this entry, and the creatures are the only thing giving a sense of dread to this game. Akira Yamaoka's moody soundtrack is as good as ever, and the game has many memorable boss fights. Homecoming borrows heavily from the movie, in the fact that The Otherworld shifts are accompanied by an air raid siren, followed by the textures flaking off, revealing rusty, industrial structures. It's a great effect.

Well, this concludes the second entry on my list. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next short article, and thanks for reading. ^.^
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Best to Worst Part 2
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