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 GL Stop Motion Roles

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PostSubject: GL Stop Motion Roles   Mon Jul 28, 2014 2:18 pm

Ok now that you guys know the current weapons and some of the armour available I am going to update on Vehicles you will likely see in the hopefully series. Also you will see available roles. These roles decide on who you are in the Storyline which is being used at the moment and I will post on a later date. For now here are the roles you can have which will judge what you do on the battlefield.

Roles Weapons

Soldiers: Always have 2 Weapons
Medics: Always will have a back pack on your figure and one weapon
Demolition Experts: Need one heavy weapon which include Rocket Launcher, SAW, Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher or Spartan Laser
Scout/Recon: Need a Sniper Rifle
Stealth: Need a silenced weapon which include Silenced Pistol or Silenced SMG and a Knife or Katana Sword
Close Quarter Combat: Need a Shotgun
Engineer: Need one weapon along with a back pack
Pilot: Need one weapon along with a back pack

Roles Armour

Solider: Normal Armour
Medics: Normal or Light Armour
Demolition Experts: Heavy Armour
Scout/Recon: Light Armour
Stealth Armour: Light Armour
Close Quarter Combat: Normal Armour
Engineer: Normal or Light Armour
Pilot: Normal or Light Armour

If you guys want to suggest any other roles you may know please let me know in the comments.
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PostSubject: Re: GL Stop Motion Roles   Tue Jul 29, 2014 12:13 am

Field Commander?
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GL Stop Motion Roles
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